Disability Care

Our role is to help you maintain independence and comfort in the familiarity and security of your own home.

Our Home Care Assistants are well trained in caring for people of all ages with all types of disabilities. All Home Care Assistants meet the relevant national QQI certification, as required by the HSE. This covers modules such as Patient Moving and Handling. In addition, many Home Care Assistants have specialist training and experience e.g., use of hoists.  Futurecare employs its own in-house certified trainer to ensure the highest standards of training are met.  You will be matched with a Home Care Assistant(s) whose skillset matches your needs.


We believe communication is critically important for assisting people with disabilities. It is very important that your wishes can be understood by Home Care Assistants and acted upon. It is important that you are heard. This applies to normal conversation as well as any specific requests you might have. As well as assisting with your needs, companionship is a fundamental element of any successful client and Home Care Assistant relationship.

Patient Handling

Our Home Care Assistants are trained to be gentle in assisting people with disabilities. They will be mindful of identifying where there might be pain, and to avoid or alleviate that when assisting you.


Home Care Assistants are trained in all aspects of mobility ranging from assistance from sit to stand, to assisted walking to hoists.