Home Help

Many people at home avail of care options for a variety of reasons. Contrary to what some might think, you don’t have to be infirm or very sick to benefit from an extra pair of helping hands around the house!

Perhaps there are some household chores you no longer enjoy? or maybe you don’t have the same strength you used to have?

If you would feel more secure or confident going for a walk with another person, consider booking a helping hand.

Perhaps your family are on holidays or have work or other family commitments?

Whatever the reason – avail of a helping hand to make your life that little bit easier!

There is no need to change your routine, or stay indoors more than you want, or let the housework slide. Book a helping hand Home Care Assistant today for as short or long a visit as you need. Make it a regular occurrence or a one-off visit.

Whatever the reason, we are here to help.

What is a Helping Hand?

Caring for people in their own home can take any shape or form of your choosing.

You decide exactly what type of extra assistance would make your life that bit easier.

Assistance in your own home from our vetted Home Care Assistants can include light housework such as laundry, hoovering, and tidying up around the house. We would advise that keeping your bedroom, bathroom and kitchen tidy are important areas of the house for your wellbeing. Home Care Assistants can also do grocery shopping and meal prep.

If you enjoy physical activities, your Home Care Assistant can assist you with exercise (as prescribed by an expert) or going for walks.

Consider a Home Care Assistant to accompany you on errands, appointments, or social activities. Home Care Assistants* can even drive you wherever you need to go (*dependent on Home Care Assistant driving licence, insurance, and vehicle ownership).

Part of our service includes carefully matching a suitable Home Care Assistant to your needs, lifestyle, and personality.

Home Care Assistants are also trained in communications skills. Finally, Home Care Assistants are very mindful that they are working in your home.