Home Support Services Scheme

The Home Support Services Scheme (formerly called Home Care Package scheme) aims to help people who need medium to high-level support to continue living at home, by providing them with Home Support Services also known as long care visits.

The importance of staying in your own familiar surroundings in the comfort of your own home cannot be underestimated.

Long visits are perfect for those who live alone, are widowed or whose family may not be in the country. Clients often form strong bonds with their Home Care Assistants and even just the companionship of a Home Care Assistant can be a great comfort to many, with loneliness being so prevalent in today’s society.

24/7 care or just a helping hand

Long care visits are a great option for 24/7 care, night care and live-in care. They can be a super alternative for those who do not want to go into a nursing home, who want to live a private life or whose family members might not be available to care.

Long care visits can be very convenient for assistance with walking, shopping or attending appointments at the hairdresser perhaps. They allow you to get all your tasks done in one day.

Am I Elgible?

Services are delivered on a needs basis. You do not need to have a medical card to apply for Home Support Services. There will be no means test – there will be no assessment of your income. The supports you receive, if any, will be based on your assessed care needs subject to the limit of the resources available for the scheme in the local health office area. 

Consumer Directed Home Support

Once your Home Support Services have been approved by the HSE, you can choose to avail of Consumer Directed Home Support (CDHS) which means you can deal directly with the HSE Approved Provider(s) of your choice to arrange days and times of services that meet your essential care needs. These will be identified during your care needs assessment that will look at your overall health care needs and your social circumstances.  This assessment will identify what level of care you are currently receiving and what other supports you may need. To be allocated a Home Support Service, this assessment must confirm that enhanced levels of service/support are required.

If you apply for, and are approved for CDHS, after your care needs assessment, you will receive a letter from the HSE approving a weekly amount of funding.  You can use this to arrange home support from approved providers such as ourselves at FutureCare.

How do I Apply?

To apply for a Home Support Service, you need to fill in the Home Support Service application form available from your local health office or download a copy here

Further information on Home Support Services and CDHS is available in the Home Support Service for Older People Information Booklet or contact one of our team for assistance.