Mobility Care

Home Care Assistants are trained in all aspects of mobility ranging from assistance from sit to stand, to assisted walking to hoists.

Caring for People with Arthritis

Arthritis treatment at home usually entails assistance with exercises directed by your physiotherapist, assistance with short walks or muscle loosening movements.

Home Care Assistants will also assist you with any daily tasks that you may be unable to do yourself, due to arthritis.

Caring for People After a Stroke

Caring for people at home with a stroke might require full assistance with personal care, daily walking, and exercises (as directed by your physiotherapist or doctor) and light exercises.

If your speech as been affected, our Home Care Assistants will be mindful to assist you with your communications. Our Home Care Assistants are well trained and sensitive to the after-effects of a stroke and will know to be patient and give you time to express yourself.

Caring for People Post-Orthopaedic Procedures

If you have had a hip or knee replacement, some assistance might make life easier for you until you are fully mobile again. Consider booking a Home Care Assistant for short visits to assist you with the tasks of daily living.